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About Quetico Internet Marketing

Award-Winning Marketer who turns over successful niche marketing and shines the light on strategies that convert. Angering To Some, Inspiring To Many.

Creating websites since 1997, Doug Lampi and Quetico Internet Marketing provide year-round marketing plans for seasonal tourism, travel and adventure businesses.

As your Online Traffic Specialist, we provide proven methods for consistently achieving top rankings.

We work closely to orchestrate your Lodge website, blog, social media and email list to create engagement with your content, lasting top rankings in the search engines and a regular stream of happy customer testimonials!


You did a great job on the presentation and have a lot of valid points. I guess I just have always relied on the sport shows for marketing and maybe some change is needed for future success.
Barry Gilies (Camp Quetico Outfitters)

Products and Solutions

Every client is unique. Each has different goals, different audiences, and different resources. The rates below are general, and broadly speak to businesses who are investing a minimum of 5k per year or more into a well-planned online marketing strategy. Monthly Account Management and Retainer The more consulting you need, the higher the fees. $400-$1,600 a month. Includes Red Phone Skype Access and priority scheduling not available to hourly clients. All rates exclude travel. Small Business Social Media/Blog/Website Training and Consulting Hourly Training/Consulting – $72-$150 an hour Note: Highest rates are for 1 hour of work. If you commit to a certain number of hours a month, for example, I will always give you a discount.

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