March 2, 2011

Blogging As An Effective Marketing Tool

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Blogging As An Effective Marketing Tool. A Presentation made by Brad Greaves, owner of Ignace Outposts Fly in Fishing.

A timeless non-technical review of blogging for tourism marketing – Presented at the NOTO Conference in 2008

logging As An Effective Marketing Tool – Pt 1

00:52 The Number One Secret Marketing Tool
01:39 What To Blog? A Few False Starts
02:50 Does everyone know what a Blog is?
03:23 Talk to Doug
04:08 The Internet Is Changng
06:06 Blogging, blog, blogger
06:37 Why would you want to blog?
06:54 What is your Brand?
07:37 Tourism Keys Workshops by Todd Lucier
08:35 Why do people read blogs?
11:27 Ten Tips To Effective Blogging
12:03 Post Regularly – Plan Ahead
14:13 Is this important to you?
14:42 The WORST thing to put on your blog!
15:06 Polish the piece before you publish
17:00 How To Come Up With The Ideas
19:31 I prefer to be in an airplane

Blogging As An Effective Marketing Tool – Pt 2

00:00 Part Two – Continued – Write down your ideas
01:04 People Get The Nobel Prize For Research!
01:58 Quick List of Blogging Ideas
04:41 Who is the most important person in your camp?
06:57 Fall Fishing is good in September!
07:20 Father and Son Fishing Trips
07:49 The Untethered Vacation
10:43 Use Short Sentences
11:11 Use Lots of Pictures
11:44 Format your pictures!
13:10 Sorry – Did want to wake you up
13:30 48 Inch Northern Pike Story

Blogging As An Effective Marketing Tool – Pt 3

00:02 Want your picture on my Blog?
00:18 Time to get the camera out!
01:10 Why you should use photoshop – clone tool
02:03 Videos are very easy – use movie maker
02:50 Keep your videos short
05:10 Do It Your Way
06:15 Questions
06:20 How do you get people to your blog?
07:40 What about comments on your blog?
08:54 How do you schedule your posts?
10:42 What about Traffic Stats – Google Analytics?
11:57 Do you find it harder to blog in the off-season?
17:42 Meet other bloggers – Brad Greaves of Ignace Outposts presents Blogging As An Effective Marketing Tool at the 2008 NOTO Conference.