August 14, 2009

Building Traffic Trough Article Marketing

by quetinternetadmin in Link Popularity

I am very excited to introduce our new Professional Link Development Service!

There is nothing else in web marketing that can compare to the long term advantages of building links.

Step One – We create A Series Of Search Engine Optimized Articles About Your Business.

Our Online Traffic Specialist visits your website – takes the content of your website, and reorganizes/optimizes it around your best keyword phrases. Then, he creates several custom-made articles that are carefully embedded with a rotating selection of search engine friendly links to your website pages.

Step Two – Getting The Word Out

Phase One: Your Search Engine Optimized articles (with relevant links to inner pages of your website) are slowly distributed across an out-sourced network of over 13,000 established blogs! This creates a natural growth of more and more one-way links pointing to your website!

Phase Two: Your Search Engine Optimized articles are slowly and methodically bookmarked throughout our network of over 13,000 social medial profiles and social bookmarking sites! This natural pattern of social voting, provides credibility to your articles, and over time, helps to broaden the awareness of your brand, boost your search engine rankings, and establish your main website as an Authority Website in your niche!

Step Three – Monthly Link Reports… and your VITAL Follow-Up.

Each month you will receive a complete list of all the places your article is posted, and all the social bookmarking profiles where your articles are linked.

You can tremendously increase the cumulative benefit of all your new links by ‘Commenting’ on the posted articles, by ‘liking’ the bookmarks, and participating in other social options that help add credibility to the new links pointing to your website.

Read more about our new Professional Link Development Service!

Nothing else  compares to the advantages of links!