June 3, 2009

Google Wave will be a Tsunami

by quetinternetadmin in SEO

What is Google Wave?

Was that an eMail? Was that an instant message? Is that a Blog? Or is it a team document production tool?

It is all of those things – and much more. Created by the developers of Google Maps, Waves WILL provide a fundamental change in the way communications are organized – in your very near future.

Will The Web Ever Stop Changing?

eMail was invented some 40 years ago, and remains the most common means of communicating online. That’s a fantastic product life-span, but we have all experienced the limitations and difficulties of a long conversation via email, especially when new people are added to the conversation. Instant Message services and Twitter have become a Killer App because of the new way you can communicate – but soon, we will forget about Gmail, Google Docs and we will ALL be speaking about Waves.

Ideal For Working With Organizations

Finally, we will all have a central place where a Board of Directors can all be kept abreast of the development stages of a project – without ballooning the project costs in endless meetings and time-consuming email trails.