September 1, 2010

Hot Tip On Using Your Blog And Facebook For Tourism Marketing

by quetinternetadmin in SEO

How to market your blog on Facebook for Tourism Marketing

to increase your website traffic and boost your search engine rankings in Google.

Canadian Tourism Internet Marketing

In this short video I demonstrate how tourism operators can get more benefit out of their blogging efforts if they take the time to include a link back to their own website from within the first couple sentences of each new blog post.

Facebook For Tourism Marketing

I logged into Facebook today and I wanted to share a few tips for tourism operators and resort owners who are blogging, and who may be starting to use Facebook for Tourism Marketing.

When I logged in this morning I see a notification here that there has been some new stuff posted to the WalleyeBook Fan Page . This is part of the network of websites that pull in blog posts from fishing lodges in Canada. It search engine optimizes the content, and then re-distributes it across a range of social media websites in our network.

As you can see, people who ‘like’ WalleyeBook on Facebook, they get a notification right in their news feed when they login when ever there is a new update on walleyeBook.

Facebook For Tourism Marketing

Now here’s what I wanted to share with you:

When you make a post to your blog, be sure to hyperlink one of the keyword phrases in the first couple sentences and link back to your own blog. That way, each time you do a blog post and it is syndicated across the network of social medial sites, you get links back to your website with the keywords you want from a whole bunch of different places.

And it’s great to get links back to your website right from Facebook For Tourism Marketing – that’s a very big powerhouse.

Here is an example of how your information is syndicated out and how people see it in a number of different places where they would never have seen it before.

And – some important search engine optimization tips on how to link back to your own website to give yourself traffic and search engine optimization juice!

Facebook For Tourism Marketing

Passive Destination Marketing or Proactive Social Marketing?

In this example I show how the Social Media Network helps a Canadian Fishing Lodge Owner get published across the internet. By carefully syndicating your RSS feed, our network can provide instant traffic to your website and help you establish top search engine rankings by giving lodge owners a way to directly control their off-site linking strategies. Facebook For Tourism Marketing