November 8, 2010

How To Position Yourself As An Expert

I ran across a video training program on how to build credibility and position yourself as an expert – that I feel would be helpful for anyone who has a website or blog, anyone who owns a business, has a passionate hobby, or anyone who has a professional coaching service they provide.

As a Fishing Lodge owner, for example, you need to establish credibility and position yourself as an expert with a new guest before they will book a vacation.

The free training video was so good that I re-started it, and started frantically typing these notes on how to position yourself as an expert as the presentation went along.  You can scan a few highlights from the pages of notes I took, or go and sign up and watch the report for yourself here:

Role One To Position Yourself As An Expert

You must be a researcher – a consumer of reports – go to every seminar, learn everything that the marketplace is saying about your topic.  Come up with a summary: what are the 5-7 strategies that the entire marketplace is talking about? These are the best practices that work, and in order to position yourself as an expert, talk about the research you have done.

Role Two To Position Yourself As An Expert

Be a results maker – show that you have made results doing the same thing. In other words, show the results you have attained by putting the best practices into practical use.

When you have these two skill sets, complete research and practical results, then you can position yourself as an expert because you have perspective on what is going on… you know what everyone else is doing – and you have also done it successfully and produced results. You have what it takes to position yourself as an expert and provide information and strategies that are invaluable to people who want to overcome the same challenges you have and create similar results.

12 positioning tools to position yourself as an expert. These 12 examples help you build credibility and help convince other people that you are and expert within your field.

1. Perspective. say you have perspective of the industry. challenge or problem, by showing that you have done the research and created results.

2. Philosophy.  You can show that you are an expert by your philosophy, if you look at the world in a different way, people will pay attention if your perspective will help them solve a problem or avoid a loss.

3. your personal path is your greatest credibility – you don’t have to show your wealth – they want to know about your struggles – and how you can save them time.  by figuring out what you accomplished… you have solutions.

4. Your position – your job title. People are often impressed by titles more than wealth. Share the various rolls and positions you have fulfilled. You are the creator of this, you are the author of that, a founder of this, a director, a ceo, – you must reference this in you bio in your video, in your speeches…

5. Popularity – we have the best selling, the most downloaded, the most views… Many beginning experts do not yet have these examples of social proof, but once you have these hooks you can stack on these to add credibility to your other accomplishments.

6. Partnerships – if you have ever partnered with another credible expert in your field, co-author, an non-profit – talk about them. You get borrowed credibility.

7. Progress – if you have taken a project from here to there, from bad to good, – tell those stories – they have come a long way – they got results…

8. Praise – testimonials,  how you are a good person, how your products and how they help people etc.

9. Press – performances – if you  have ever been in the media, share those stories of who you shared the stage with.

10. Paying clients – who has paid you as a client?  Experts who pay you, big or small

11. Promotions – when you are told about somebody by a third party, you gain credibility. Endeavor to enlist other experts to endorse and promote you.

12.  Product – to complete the journey of becoming an expert, you actually need to have something to sell. It can be ebooks, speeches, presentations – anything that you can package – now people can pay you for your help.

Guru Position Trifacta

You as a role model –

Service – the reason for all of this, is to help other people.  focus on doing things with purpose, with service, with care for your customers.

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