November 7, 2010

Offline Hero’s Method Webinar Replay

by quetinternetadmin in Internet Marketing

I just came across Offline Hero’s Method Webinar Replay because I watch internet marketing webinars like some people watch movies. (I highly recommend it as a way to kick-start your day of promoting and building your business!)

This morning I found a treasure.

This morning I watched a seminar about Google Places and how
local search is changing because of the smartphone!

This webinar was soo good, that I watched it over from the beginning – and started taking notes!

Offline Hero’s Method Webinar Replay

Brief: This webinar is two things:

First, it outlines a detailed online marketing service that local business owners can benefit from. The author presents a complete package of identifiable services where local businesses can increase their exposure in organic and mobile search queries to Google.

Second, this webinar explains how an online local marketing expert works, and what you can expect if you might wish become an Online Marketing Consultant and provide these services to business owners. The course is aimed at individuals with an intermediate knowledge of web publishing and search engine optimization; someone who has completed all or most of Ed Dale’s

After introductions and background details were shared, the Offline Hero’s Method Webinar Replay got down to business by taking a look at some actual search results using Google Places.

Why is Google Places Important for YOUR Local Business?

I was really impressed by the statistics on the number of cell phones out there, the growth of the smartphone market – and I had not considered the implication that top search rankings could have in the mobile environment.

Cleared Up My Thinking

I admit it, I only went mobile just recently, and now that I’ve had first hand experience with using my ipod touch locally, the message in the Offline Hero’s Method Webinar Replay really cleared up my thinking about the real economic meaning to local business.

Local Is Where It’s At

Stats roughly show that 1 in 5 Google searches is a local search. Local is where things are going – Google is going local because the traffic is going that way. Five time more people have a cell phone than a computer,  smartphone growth is accelerating and is also the fastest growing segment of search – some anticipate hand-held will be the standard way to access the internet.

And yet, only 1% of websites are mobile-ready!

Be The First Option At Their Fingertips

Local business owners who recognize this opportunity stand to gain new business and customers – right now.

Taking steps can result in easy-to-attain first page listings on mobile search results, combined with the growth of smartphone internet access – and you have a push-button way to give local smartphone users an easy way to call you – right when they have a phone in their hands, and these days, smartphones can include a GPS guided map to your shop!

Top website rankings in for desktop searches in Google are great for people who are browsing at home – but top rankings in mobile searches can lead directly to bringing customers into your store.

This is hurting local business owners who have a website that is not Mobile friendly.

Is This Important For Your Business?

Are you a retail store? A restaurant? A service business? Do your customers come from several outlying communities?

Can you be found when someone searches Google on their mobile phone?

Your Mobile-Ready Business Assessment

Let’s follow the process in the Offline Hero’s Method Webinar Replay and go through a brief Business Assessment of your web presence.

First, lets compare searches in Google Mobile and Google Desktop and try to find your business. Search for keywords that match your service, and append your location when you perform the searches. If you are not on the first page, you could be.

Compare search results on Google for a mobile device vs a desktop device:

If you already have a website, and you are already doing extra things to bring traffic to your website – then you should pay close attention to the massive growing trend of smartphone internet usage. If you have been considering the technology leap to upgrade your website to include a wordpress blog, but hesitating with making the change – keep a close eye on the mobile phone trends in the news – and check back here for Case Studies.

Lets take a look at what your website looks like when viewed by today’s smartphones:

See for yourself: Visit this site and enter your business website address. Do you have to scroll around? Or is there a simple, easy way to call or find your location?

What does your website look like on a cellphone?

Is your website Mobile Ready? Take the test!

Mobiready provides an amazingly detailed review of a full range of technical issues a website may have when viewed by a mobile device.  Fortunately, if your website is created with WordPress, there is a way to conform to all the protocols and provide a top-notch mobile experience that results in

Get Your Website Ready For Change

Updgrade your website to wordpress, customize the website-theme to match business marketing, include the Mobile Pack Plugin, and customize the mobile-theme to match business marketing.  Now you have a modular website that can be upgraded, change and customized with any of the latest developments in technology and communication.

How to get top placement in Google Placement Listings.

The author of  Offline Hero’s Method Webinar shared a process for gaining top listings in Google Places  with details on specific authority directories for her geographic location.  Here are my notes as I paraphrase her strategy:

Stage One – Authority Links

First, create a business listing in – use the same information in the Google Places listing – be sure to use the same business name, place and phone number etc, so you don’t trigger a manual listing review from Google. Use your Google Places Listing as your website when filling out your profile information – this link will add authority to your listing in Google Places, and will help you rank higher.

Next, created a business Listing in – repeat the process above.

Finally, create the Google Places Listing

Stage Two – Social Proof

Get ten different reviews written for your listing in, and get ten reviews written for your listing in – it’s very important to get genuine review from clients. Come up with creative ways to engage your audience and your clients to write a few words about your business.

Putting It Into Action

I’ve put together a short video showing some details as I review the present mobile readiness of one of my client websites.

Putting The Offline Hero’s Method It Into Action In Canada.

More reports to follow as we put together the Case Studies that will be the basis of our Google Local and Google Places Coaching and Consulting Services.

Offline Hero’s Method Webinar Replay