March 7, 2011

Rent Your Website Traffic? Or Own It?

by quetinternetadmin in Blogging

Getting the right type of traffic to your Lodge website

Without traffic, your website is useless.

With the wrong traffic, your website is a costly marketing drain.

With the right traffic, your website is a growing asset that generates a steady stream of leads every day of the week.

Is Your Traffic Valuable, Or Costly?

Let’s compare the relative value of the major different traffic sources available today.

Pay per click Traffic

PPC Traffic – Swimming With The Sharks

There are only two ways to make profitable use of pay per click (PPC) traffic: when you are testing a landing page to see if it converts, and when you are sending traffic to a landing page that is proven to be profitable.

If you can’t measure your conversion rates, don’t use PPC. This brief list of detriments of PPC traffic could be expanded ten times this size, buy you only need a small taste of something bad…

  • Zero free traffic – all clicks cost money
  • Zero SEO benefits from the links
  • Marketing budget not converted to content
  • No lasting online presence created
  • Low trust and low ROI from paid traffic