January 17, 2009

Tourism Marketing Videos

by quetinternetadmin in Social Bookmarking

A Glaring Need

Tourism Marketing Videos came to being in phases, as all good ideas do:

First, I saw a glaring need: Lodge Owners need help learning how to manage their websites.

Recently I’ve upgraded many of my clients’ websites to WordPress 2.7

Although their website is ten years old, many Lodge owners are just starting to Blog and update their own websites for the very first time.

I Can Help!

Second, I saw a way to offer much more help than I could provide on my own.

As I began researching what educational videos were available, I was – mostly – delighted with the results. I was delighted, because I started learning so much new information, I naturally started to bookmark and organize it.

Then a very curious thing started to happen;
My own personal marketing results began to change.

Without planning it, and without giving much thought to it, I had started to return to various bits of my video collection on a regular basis, and after a short while, I began realize this stuff was pretty cool!

I was making more sales but –
I still hadn’t realized the tremendous value
of the specialized collection of videos I was putting together.

Action Items and Examples

My marketing results were changing because I had taken action. I took the new knowledge and immediately put it to use.

This is so vital – but most people overlook it’s importance.

If you take action right away, take the new knowledge you’ve just learned and immediately put to use, you are 80% more likely to retain and use the new information in the future!

They don’t have to be big actions. Often, it takes less than 30 minutes to take one of these great ideas and increase your value!

Just 30 minutes to make VITAL changes to the presentation, layout, images or sales copy – and reap the ongoing rewards!

I can help you can do the same. www.TourismMarketingVideos.com

Relax, It’s Easier

Say you are a Fishing Lodge Owner, a Bed and Breakfast or the event organizer for the Annual Fishing Tournament; Relax, it’s easier to update your site than ever before.

Learn by Video

Stop reading manuals written by nerds. Sit back and watch a How To Video!

Back it With Action

Great marketing ideas are… great – but how can I put it into action if I’m not sure what my options are?

Good News! Tourism Marketing Videos offers new members an Introductory Tour that guides you through a sequence of educational clips to provide an Executive Overview of the range of the most important Internet Marketing strategies available today.

You may pause the Video Tour and start into the Action Items right away, follow through the entire sequence for an overview or jump off the Guided Tour at any time to investigate related videos.

Interested in Updates?

Opening Soon! Be the first to get updates on our Grand Opening Date.
Rolling Out Small

Limited Grand Opening

Only the first 100 get a spot.

This isn’t just a collection of easy-to-learn-from Educational Videos and Video Marketing Lessons for Camp Owners and Tourism Operators… and it’s more than real-world Actions you can take right now to make a difference in all aspects of your marketing…

Tourism Marketing Videos is a community of people. People who are your peers and colleges. They run a Tourism Business too. They do the “Song and Dance” at Sport Shows through the winter – and they have also been thrown into blogging, social media and running their own website.

Why Limit the Grand Opening?

Because I want to know and help each of you. I want to visit your website and learn what you offer, I want to invite you into our new Private, Members Only Community, and I want to help you start building your business assets by using the free and powerful Social Media tools.