January 15, 2010

WordPress Search Engine Optimization

by quetinternetadmin in Blogging

This sleek WordPress SEO Plugin is like having a real-time WordPress Search Engine Optimization expert looking over your shoulder! Watch The Video

How to be a WordPress SEO Pro

Search Engine Friendly Blogging Made Easy!

WordPress Search Engine Optimization Plugin

WordPress Search Engine Optimization

Live WordPress Search Engine Optimization tips for your WordPress Blog.

WordPress search engine optimization taken to the next level with exact tips and specific recommendations and instant feedback with a numerical score to help you easily maximize the search engine friendliness of your content – before you post.

SEOprocessor provides clear suggestions for every component needed for ideal on-the-page search engine optimization – my clients are so skilled at optimizing website for search engines that it might put me out of a job!

This wordpress plugin will help to speed up the process of creating content and makes it fun and easy for website owners to make their wordpress posts search engine friendly!

  • Stop re-reading your own articles – wondering if you have optimized them “well enough.”
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The SEOProcessor plugin will provide specific numbers to tell you if you are in the correct range for your SEO goals.

WordPress Search Engine Optimization

It is my goal with this post, to take over a top ten position in Google for searches on… you guessed it, WordPress Search Engine Optimization. First, I’m completing all of the requirements by saving and updating and re-saving drafts of this post. Each time I save the draft, I get a new SEO Score from SEOPressor.

Presently I have a score of 76.67 and, while I have a keyword density of 2.41%, I do not have enough instances of my target keyword phrase for SEOPressor to take care of the automatic underlining, bolding, italics. In addition, I need an H3 tag around my phrase, and I need the phrase to be in the last sentence of the page…. and… here is my final score…
Wordpress SEO Plugin

WordPress Search Engine Optimization Video

Add this powerful plugin to your wordpress blog orwebsite – and start enjoying the ease and power of SEOPressor in your very next post – It’s like have looking over the shoulder of a WordPress Search Engine Optimization Specialist!

There are 75 million results when I search google for WordPress Search Engine Optimization – My gambit to gain a top 10 placement for this term pits me against teams of programmers with access to most costly WordPress Search Engine Optimization resources